The Marilyn

The Marilyn is a multi-use building on Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland, Oregon. The Marilyn offers modern living apartments with retail space in a neighborhood where community and authenticity still exist. Our client, TMT Development came to us during the construction phase seeking a name and branding that would reflect the Hawthorne area’s retro influences while encompassing the contemporary look of the building.

After researching the history of both the area and our client, we landed on a vintage name with a personal connection to our client’s legacy- The Marilyn. When we presented the name along with our logo design, it was a unanimous on the spot “Yes!” from our client. The modern logo and retro name came to life blending two worlds together. It’s a privilege for our creativity to be showcased on a Portland building we named.


• Building Name
• Logo Design
• Construction Fence Signage
• Print and Online Ads