The Allison Inn & Spa

We loved The Allison project before it was The Allison. When the land was still ungraded acres of dirt and rocks, we were hired to create the brand, personality, and voice for collateral and all other materials. In the beginning, there is nothing to photograph. No absolutes. You get to make it up until the client says “that’s it!” We developed a voice that doesn’t take itself too seriously with a series of friendly philosophies, and married them to rich earthy textures and natural patterns. Imagery and copy strongly focused on Oregon’s bounty.

We asked ourselves what captured the spirit of The Allison for us personally. The answer: The location. Finally, there is a luxurious place to sleep over after wine-tasting around Oregon’s Wine Country.

In addition to rave reviews, our creative designs for The Allison received two first-place gold awards and praise from others in the hospitality industry. We’re thrilled. But more importantly, our client is happy, because our work resulted in an overwhelming amount of interest and reservations. The Allison allowed us to handle the brand details across all of their materials. From the type of photography and copy to the color palette and fonts, we could run through the brand rules in our sleep. Every piece we touched was handled with careful consistency, which created a strong and unified brand that is still carried out today.


• Branding
• Writing
• Packaging – Gift Cards
• Stationary
• Spa Brochure
• Folder & Main Brochure
• Room Key Card & Holder Design
• Print and Online Advertising
• Door Hangers
• Invitations
• Tradeshow Booth