King Retail Solutions (KRS) is a well-established company that designs retail spaces worldwide. After 40 years in business, they recognized their brand needed some freshening. With so many employees handling their materials, the KRS brand had become somewhat diluted over time and didn’t represent the company’s evolution to offer a wider range of services.

We began by giving KRS a bright and energetic color pallet that couldn’t be missed with large floods of orange. We created a dynamic skewed shape that became critical to establishing the innovative look and feel of the brand. We enhanced our designs with an eye-catching geometric pattern that mimicked the dynamic angles and unexpected skewed shape we created. We also developed a strong voice for the brand with a direct writing style and the tagline “Redefine what’s in store.”

The goal was for the pieces to jump off desks and grab the attention of their target audiences, and that is exactly what they did! Suddenly, KRS had a brand with a bold personality that is larger than life. Their sales department saw a direct response from the marketing materials we created, but more importantly, we gave them the tools they needed to be independently successful.


• Branding Updates
• Tagline
• Letterhead and Envelope
• Business Cards
• Company Brochure
• Brochure Inserts – Case Studies
• Copywriting – Establishing the Voice for KRS
• Brand Guidelines